Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka“We are predominantly made up of water and as a result the water which we consume every day should be as pure as possible, and have the same characteristics as the “living” water in our cells.

Water, more than any other element, has a memory and can reveal which substances and which kind of radiation it has come into contact with. The memory can be visualised using photographic techniques and electromagnetic forms of measurement.

Water does not only pose the question of physical purity, but rather one of bioavailability, i.e. how alive it is, or, in other words, how compatible it is with living organisms. I’d like to present to you a unique water system which combines three principles without needing electricity to work.

The hunt is over

For more than ten years now I’ve been continually searching for water with a taste that I like, untainted by chemicals or radiation and which is good for my body and kidneys. Water which is invigorating, the kind that my body needs and which also makes it visibly easier for my body to excrete undesirable substances and by-products..

I have now found and tested it. I have reviewed the studies for the device that provides this water, and would like to introduce you to a filtering and water memory system developed in Japan and modelled on nature. This is the Maunawai Premium water system, which now works even better for everyday use, thanks to recent improvements.
My dream has come true!"

Dr Stefan Lanka (virologist and molecular biologist, and owner of the klein-klein publishing house)

Mag. Dr. Walter  Hannes Medinger

“Mauanwai water’s strong resonance signal at 22.5 Hz really is no small matter. It is a confirmation of this water’s particular quality when compared to the water present in cells.” ...

... “This interpretation of Maunawai water’s extremely pronounced resonance signals gives an impression of its particular characteristics and their biological relevance.

Without anticipating a more detailed interpretation of the spectrum and the further research work planned for Maunawai water, we can already say that, from the point of view of biophysics, the Maunawai system is an unusually effective system when it comes to water’s potential for revitalisation."

Summary report on the main evaluation results
Coherence spectrum under + circularly polarised stimulation

Dr Walter Hannes Medinger (biophysicist, quantum physicistand chief scientist of the International Institute For Research On Electromagnetic Compatibility - IIREC)


Dr Alexis Carrel

“The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates”

Dr Alexis Carrel (winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his laboratory work in 1912)


“The prerequisite for the cell to last forever is regular renewal of this extracellular fluid. Not every water can guarantee “eternal life”. The difference between biologically active cell liquid and ordinary water lies in its physical structure, the spacial arrangement of its molecules (geometry). Disturbing this order is related to illnesses.” Dr Alexis Carrel

“Tumours arise due to the destruction of the water structure in the cell, i.e. in the extracellular water. A focus of “non-living water” forms in the “living”, quasi-crystalline, energised cell water. This acts as permanent stimulus on the cell to divide. The consequence is the beginning of excrescent cancer.” (Karl S. Trincher, renowned Austrian-Russian biophysicist, Trincher, K.: Wasser – Grundstruktur des Lebens und Denkens (Water – The Basic Structure of Life and Thought); Herder, Vienna 1990, ISBN-10: 3210250030)



the Miracle of PI Water

Tests with PI water suggest that it is highly biologically effective. Reports  on systematic scientific analysis carried out in Japan can be found in: The Miracle of PI Water.

PI water has an extraordinarily revitalising effect on all living organisms.

MAUNAWAI water’s revitalising effect also means that we like drinking the water and – as a consequence – drink more of it.